The Grand Towers Condominium

                                                          The Developer


Moldex has become a brand of excellence over its 40 fruitful years in business.
After the many successful years of manufacturing quality PVC pipes and fittings, Moldex efficiently diversified into real estate development.
In 1987, Moldex Realty Inc. was organized to handle horizontal real estate developments. Its Metrogate and Heritage subdivisions in Cavite, Laguna, Tagaytay, Bulacan and Pampanga are known for its high-quality and first-class amenities. Years later, development of vertical real estate projects began.


The 1322 Golden Empire Tower at Roxas Boulevard and soon-to-rise The Grand Towers at Vito Cruz are the two magnificent high-rise developments of Moldex.

Moldex Corporate Greed
We shall exist to give our clients and the general public the best service. Their interest and welfare shall be our primordial concern and guiding aim.
Good is not good enough for us. We shall at all times emphasize excellence in everything we do. And shall always strive to bring forth the best in ourselves.
There shall be no compromise on quality. Our clients and the general public deserve nothing but the best quality products and services. Therefore, we shall constantly endeavor to provide these.
We shall be consistent in our resolve to provide equitable returns for our shareholders, and advancement and recognition for our employees, resulting in the just sharing of the fruits of our partnership.
Our credibility is our foremost measure of success. We shall always adhere to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, competence, innovativeness and reliability in the conduct of our business.

The performance and execution of one’s duties with the highest degree of competence, intelligence, skills and utmost perfection.
One who constantly surpasses own accomplishment by…
    * Producing the best possible result
    * At the required time
    * In the right manner
    * Using the right amount of resources

It is the pooling together of all resources – intellect, skills, materials, & abilities - of each member of a group such that each complements the other to realize a common goal or objective.
Honesty means having no contradiction or discrepancies in thoughts, words, or actions.
Integrity means standing firms on one’s principles having confidence in one’s beliefs & values.